We specialize in the development of custom software and e-commerce and ticketing solutions. We have a comprehensive range of turnkey products/services with settable parameters, which enable our customers to market highly innovative goods and services with reduced time to market and little investment required.


Guarantee implementation of emerging technologies, through the excellence of human resources and accumulated expertise, by marketing innovative solutions which grant mobility and added value to all of our partners.


Become the leading company in the transactions sector, by simplifying and optimizing integration processes throughout the value chain.


Satisfaction: Respect for and commitment to everyone, while guaranteeing focus on your needs.
Security: Of people and processes.
Excellence: In the quest for simplified solutions and personal excellence towards collective excellence.

Web & Mobile Development

Software and system architecture, development and integration. Development of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Development of integrated applications for electronic payments. Development of e-commerce solutions.


Development of management solutions and process follow-up. Development of access control solutions associated with process.


Development and integration of ticketing solutions. Development of event management solutions.



Seeking to make transactions easier, Bluetrend has developed products to offer customers and partners turnkey, complete and fully integrated solutions

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WAW - WalletAnyWhere

WAW - Walletanywhere

WalletAnywhere is a payment processing system, which has gathered purchase and sales technologies and payment systems under a single platform, in view of making these technology/channel independent, thus providing to businesses a cluster of multichannel and multitechnology sales tools. On the other hand, WAW grants customers improved purchase experience, ensuring easy access and management of all your transactions and invoices/receipts. Looking at electronic security as the highest concern WAW follows market standard requirements, and has PCI-DSS certification by the Payment Card Industry Association.

Managing Types of Payment

The vendor decides which types of payment he wishes to make available to customers. The platform provides several forms of payment, including national and foreign Debit or Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard or Amex), ATM, Paypal, etc.The vendor decides which types of payment he wishes to make available to customers. The platform provides several forms of payment, including national and foreign Debit or Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard or Amex), ATM, Paypal, etc.

Payment Control

Vendor: Monitor payments made in your store.
Customer: Monitor where the payments are made through the transaction history


Easy integration with any online store or mobile app. The API provided enables quick and easy integration.

Fraud Alerts

The system has a credit card fraud detection and alert system. It is easy for vendors to personalize and configure settings and rules to preference.


The solution is fully integrated into the certified invoicing system Bluetrend - FaturaFácil.


The vendor may look up at any time his statement to monitor the amounts authorized, frozen or received.

Status information

The vendor may look up the details of credit or debit card payments to understand, for example, why a given transaction failed.

No installation costs or monthly fees

No installation cost or monthly fee will be charged for the types of payment made available in your store or mobile app. Only a percentage or fixed amount of the payment made is collected.




Platform for B2B, B2C and C2C projects. With multilayer architecture, it supports a variety of data engines (MySQL, SQL Server).
We believe each brand and customer is entitled to its own image and identity. By using this platform the customer chooses his favorite design and layout for the electronic store, since the platform does not impose any template.
A versatile and flexible solution that includes modules for Android, iOS and Windows Phone to foster the development of e-commerce and payment applications on these operating systems.


The vendor can access statistical data and other useful information for his business, in particular, but not only, order status, total orders to be shipped, information on products out of stock and charts of orders.


Enables full management of list of products available in the store or app.
- Types of Product
- Products
- Product Options
- Collections
- Points of Sale
There are no limitations on product features and related pictures.


Enables the management and sale of tickets for events. Provides options for managing the entire event, including venue space and layout and ticket options.
- Types of Event and Events
- Location and Layouts
- Sessions
- Ticket Codes


Enables the management of store or app customers, by collecting registered data and additional information on profile and orders.


Full management of orders, deliveries and payments made in the store or app. Status workflow and order history available.


To foster coexistence of goods on sale and information or institutional contents, the platform includes a CMS module which makes it possible to edit completely the store's multimedia contents, like menus, pages, areas and all kinds of content.


Allows configuration of several system settings:
- Categories
- Taxes
- Countries
- Languages
- Currencies
- Types of Payment
- Transportation
- E-mail
- Invoicing


The solution is fully integrated into the certified invoicing system Bluetrend - FaturaFácil. Which allows automatic issuance of invoices with change in the status of the order (e.g. when order is sent).




UINGRESS is a platform allowing any person to manage events and sell tickets. UINGRESS connects event organizers with an audience through the website or iOS or Android applications. From a small party all the way to a sports event, and concerts and conferences, UINGRESS is the ideal place for promoting and managing any event.

Mobile App

Search for events closest to you or access private events. Look up all information on the event, schedule, speakers, participants, tickets available and register. After purchasing tickets or registering, tickets are readily available on your mobile phone

- Searching events: closest to you, by city or category
- Private events: access to private events via code or invitation
- Offline: access information on the event and tickets even without internet
- Favorites: monitor your favorite events
- Tickets on the mobile phone: no need to print or use paper ticket

Event organizers:
- Create and manage events using your mobile phone
- Check entries using the QR Code
- Access list of participants and entry register
- Offline functioning mode

Check-in Application

Besides the mobile application, a desktop application is also available for checking participants in the event.

- Check-in application simple and intuitive
- Quick registration check
- Possible registration in the event through automatic ticket issuance
- Automatic generation of personalized documents: (Registration Slip, Ticket or Invitation, Badge and Certificates)
- QR Code
- Integration with access control equipment
- Check submission of paper documents
- Automatically generated certificates based on template
- Option of certificate delivery kiosk
- Post-sales surveys (online)
- Option of online payment of event via Credit or Debit Card (integrated solution) and invoicing using certified software



GoWorkFlow - Integrated Process Management

From design to implementation, the application allows processes, steps and relevant fields to be set as a work flow.
From creating processes to tracking them, this platform enables full workflow management between different entities.


Module that provides user with a complete view of the status of ongoing processes and of the ones in which he intervenes. The module also allows quick access to the platform's most common functionalities.


Access to the platform is safe and protected. Only authenticated users are granted access to the functionalities. The access modules allow locations, types of users and users who have access to the platform to be managed.


Since the completion of several processes may involve third parties, the platform allows such entities to be managed efficiently, while providing their contact details, information validity and service categories.

WorkFlow Management

One of the most important functionalities of the platform is the capability of creating and modeling processes. Processes can be set, steps and order may be established alongside the completion fields.


Once the processes have been set, the platform allows for monitoring of each step while identifying the relevant parties, enabling completion of the fields concerned, so that the process may follow the normal course.


All registered information can be analyzed. The platform includes several reports: Access, Productivity, Human resources used by process, Materials used by process, Process Progress, Stock Alert, Project Costs, Material Traceability, Indicators, Hours Worked, Flow Analysis, Access Control, etc. However, new reports can be added to respond to customers' needs.


This module supports the process of task planning, allocation of resources to tasks, identifying customers and even the planning and roll-out of shifts. The user will be able to generate all necessary procedures for the company's daily operations in an easy and intuitive manner.


Sometimes resources, like materials and other, need to be managed. This module enables a complete management of types of resources, stocks, formula to convert stock measurement units and use, accommodation, meals and travel. Resources managed here may be later used in the course of any other process.




Access management and control platform. Integrated into the access control equipment Dimep and ZKT.
Enables card, fingerprint or face recognition access control.
It includes the following modules:
  • Dashboard
  • People (Entities, Departments)
  • Areas (Locations, Devices, Time Zones and Holidays)
  • Access (Remote opening and closing of doors, Emergency opening)
  • Access management (Assignment of access to specific location by person or batch according to way needed or specific gate)
  • Visits
  • Real Time - Visualization in real time of events with image of the floor plan
  • Gym - Enables full management of access to gym, based on access quotas, monthly fees, and enrolment in classes. Besides controlling access, it allows full management of athlete profile from the point of view of targets and results achieved in a specific field.
  • Reports




Ticketing solution for all kinds of events with one-to-one marketing functionalities that can be exploited, and customizable and adjustable actions for the marketing teams of the organizations to realize profit on events.

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